Project: KAO Germany Seminars



Kao Germany wanted to implement a new process for their customers to register for the well-known online seminars. This goal was to be achieved through a combination of individual and coordinated designs and modern technology.

The complexity of the task was reflected in the strong individuality of the project. Some of the design elements are chosen in a very unconventional way. There are many logical dependencies within the layout. A completely automated login process also had to be designed for the user.

Link to the project



Next.js is a JavaScript framework for building fast, modern websites and apps. The core difference between Next.js and React is that Next.js is rendered server-side. This allows you to use Next.js to build a static site and then deploy it to a static hosting service. Besides that, topics like SEO, performance, and security are handled mostly by Next.js internals.

It comes with a set of tools to help the developer be fast and productive:

  • Image compression
  • Internationalization
  • Analytics
  • SSG and SST (Server Side Rendering and Static Site Generation)
  • ISR (Incremental static regeneration)
  • Code splitting and Bundling
  • SEO friendly


If you want to know more, feel free to check out the official documentation of next.js.